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Developer Hosting

Shared Windows Web Hosting

Standard Developer Hosting



*Free Domain: zar.cc / zar.me
Space : 1 GB
Sub-Domains : 1
Email Accounts : 15
MSSQL : 01
Windows Server 2022
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Professional Developer Hosting



*Free Domain: zar.cc / zar.me
Space : 5 GB
Sub-Domains : 3
Email Accounts : 50
Windows Server 2022
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Business Developer Hosting



*Free Domain: zar.cc/zar.me /co.za (co.za first Year Only)
Space : 15 GB
Sub-Domains : 5
Email Accounts : 100
MSSQL : 15
Windows Server 2022
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Transfer of Your Sites

From Plesk to Plesk we have free web sites transfer for all server and hosting orders.

Programming Features!

With Power of Windows servers 20222 ASP.NET 4, 4.8, .NET Core 5, 6, 7 & PHP 8.2, 7.4, MVC 3, 4 & 5


MSSQL Express 2019/2022, MySQL 5.7.x, PostgreSQL and MS Access

Free With Each Hosting

Free Website Transfer, Free SSL (SSL It!), SEO Kit, Git Version Control, Web App Firewall

Application Hosting

Host DNN, WordPress, Joomla, Moodle, and more

Full Performance

All our servers are kept up to date and presented to you with modern hardware and software.

Plesk Control Panel

Industry-Standard Plesk Onyx Control Panel with WP & SEO Toolkit, DNSSEC, DKIM/DMARC support, etc.

Hassle-free and Secure!

All known optimization and security measures are being implemented and necessary precautions are being taken on our servers

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Windows Developer Hosting

Windows developer hosting at Web Design Labs is a dynamic platform specially crafted for coding enthusiasts and programmers. It's a playground where your innovative web projects come to life. We provide an environment that's finely tuned to support a range of programming languages, including ASP.NET and other Windows-based languages, allowing you to develop and showcase your applications seamlessly.

What is ASP.NET Support

ASP.NET is at the heart of modern web application development. At Web Design Labs, we take pride in offering robust ASP.NET support. Our hosting infrastructure is optimized to run ASP.NET applications flawlessly, giving your projects the performance and stability they deserve.

Which Windows-Based Programming Languages Are Supported

We're all about supporting your diverse programming aspirations. Our developer hosting environment embraces an array of Windows-based programming languages. From the elegance of C# to the versatility of VB.NET and beyond, Web Design Labs creates a nurturing habitat for your coding ventures.

How Should Developers Choose the Right Hosting Product

Your choice of hosting echoes your coding ambitions. Our developer hosting offerings, spanning from shared environments to dedicated servers, cater to your varying project sizes and resource needs. Whether you're scripting a compact app or architecting a grand application, Web Design Labs has a fitting space for your genius.

How Are Hosting Prices Determined for Developers

Your coding odyssey shouldn't be constrained by financial barriers. Web Design Labs offers developer hosting at transparent pricing, reflecting the resources you require. As your coding symphony crescendos, our pricing remains harmonious, reflecting the mutual growth.

What's the Activation Time for Developer Hosting

The moment you take the step towards realizing your coding dreams with Web Design Labs, your hosting journey begins. After payment, your hosting service is swiftly activated. Our welcome email extends the warm embrace, guiding you to a developer-friendly environment.

Is Transparent Pricing Part of Developer Hosting

Absolutely. We believe in fostering trust. The price you encounter during your journey to seamless hosting is the definitive amount you'll invest. Transparency is a cornerstone of Web Design Labs' developer hosting commitment

Can I Transfer My ASP.NET Website to You

Certainly! Migrating your ASP.NET website to Web Design Labs is a smooth transition. Our skilled team orchestrates this process, ensuring your coding masterpiece retains its essence in our nurturing environment.

Which Windows-Based Scripting Languages Are Compatible

Our developer hosting landscape welcomes an ensemble of Windows-based scripting languages. The stage is set for C#, VB.NET, and an array of other languages to harmonize, ensuring your code finds its rhythm effortlessly.

What is Free SSL in Developer Hosting

Security fortifies your coding haven. Our developer hosting package includes a complimentary SSL certificate—a guardian for your application's interactions. This shield ensures your users experience your application safely, echoing the security-conscious nature of Web Design Labs.

How Does Developer Hosting Facilitate Web Development

Think of developer hosting as your coding canvas. At Web Design Labs, your creative brushstrokes shape applications seamlessly. With access to a customized control panel, your coding opus unfurls, driven by our developer-centric hosting prowess.

Can I Get a Custom Email Address with Developer Hosting

Absolutely. A unique coding venture deserves a distinct voice. Web Design Labs enhances your identity by enabling personalized email addresses—akin to your coding masterpiece, reflecting professionalism and creativity.

Are Backup Operations Part of Developer Hosting

Absolutely. Just as you write lines of code to safeguard functionality, we ensure your coding marvels are protected. Regular backups are a cornerstone of Web Design Labs' commitment to nurturing your creations.

What Security Measures Safeguard Developer Hosting

Security is paramount in coding and hosting. Our servers are fortified with robust firewalls, vigilant intrusion detection systems, and proactive security patches. At Web Design Labs, we ensure your coding fortress stands impervious to threats, just as you do in your coding projects.