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Budget Dedicated Server

Fully equipped, full performance and reliable dedicated servers.

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Free Transfer of Your Sites

From cPanel to cPanel we have free web sites transfer for all server and hosting orders.

No Need to be an expert!

You do not need to be an expert for server administration and security. Thanks to our experienced and expert team, your servers are in the right hands.

dedicated servers

Full Performance

All our servers are kept up to date and presented to you with modern hardware and software.

dedicated servers with DDos protection

Hassle-free and Secure!

In our servers, all optimization and security measures are being implemented and necessary precautions are taken to avoid any adverse events.

Firewall server ssh south africa


Our stateful Firewalls make it easy to secure your infrastructure at no additional cost.

Load Balancer SSH server

Load Balancer

Scale your applications easily by automatically,distribute the load evenly between servers to improve application performance.

Windows Dedicated Server

Operating System

Wide range of Windows & Linux operating system are available.

DDoS protected Linux Dedicated Server

DDOS Protection

We will safeguard your cloud servers using the latest hardware appliances,providing you with first-rate protection against large-scale DDoS attacks. And all that free of charge.

Unlock the Unmatched Performance of Dedicated Servers

Introduction of the Web Design Labs Budget Dedicated Servers

These days, the Internet is run by digital business platforms, and an impeccable online store should be built from scratch. We are now offering the best and most affordable dedicated hosting, that is, Web Design Labs. If you are looking for a reliable dedicated server to run your business without sacrificing the budget, our primary machines deliver top performance yet do not leave holes in your pockets

Unparalleled Power at Your Fingertips

At Web Design Labs, we acknowledge the fact that every microsecond is vital. They are all budget dedicated servers, and each is equipped with a powerful processor, providing lightning-fast response times as well as unparalleled multitasking abilities. From resource-hungry programs and during high-traffic seasons to securing your online brand, our servers can deliver the performance needed for an outstanding digital experience.

Blazing-Fast Loading Times

Nowadays, it is time to say goodbye to the websites that waste one’s precious time waiting for their loading without any need. Dedicated servers in the budget of Web Design Labs make your website a fast drive, with relatively quick access to data and less latency. Wowing your audience with the speed in page loading will make their experience of using them pleasurable and make them want more of it.

Reliable and Secure Hosting

The security of our website is our key mission. Dedicated servers have access to high-end security measures such as firewalls and DDoS protection. You can finally relax knowing that your sensitive information is protected from potential attackers, giving you peace of mind to work toward a thriving business venture without constant security concerns.

Flexible Scalability

As his or her business grows, the budget dedicated servers of Web Design Labs also. Whether you have an increase in web traffic, new services, or dedicated servers for improved online presence, our cloud-hosted scalable options offer exactly what you are looking for. It is easy to update your available resources in order to modify them according to the growing need to maintain your website or web application, from which you can compete with other new websites.

User-Friendly Control Panel

Never was it easier to manage a dedicated server. Web Design Labs allows you to take full control over how your server runs with the help of a user-intuitive and friendly panel. Manage tasks fluidly, check critical benchmarks, and make your web hosting quicker with our effective control panel.

24/7 Expert Support

We know that unforeseen technical issues can occur at any time. This is why Web Desi Labs offers 24/7 expert assistance over email to resolve your queries and needs. Our team of professionals is adequately equipped to ensure that you minimize the amount of time lost and achieve maximum satisfaction.

Affordable Pricing, Premium Quality

We at Web Design Labs are convinced that good hosting should be affordable to businesses, large and small. Our budget-dedicated servers are cost-effective as compared to other providers in the market but still offer great value for money. Get the best value for money without sacrificing top productivity – it’s a win-win situation for any business.


Your web presence can be upgraded with the budget dedicated servers of Web Design Labs. Reap the benefits of robust, sturdy, and high performance hosting without burning a hole in your pocket. Make the first step towards a quicker, more robust website that will go ahead in the electronic age. Get Dedicated Hosting from Web Design Labs – the perfect combination of Quality and Value.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a dedicated server?

A dedicated server is a physical dedicated server which is racked in our state-of-the-art data center solely for you. No other tenants will use any IT resources (CPU, Ram, Storage capacity and performances) from the dedicated server you chose. Dedicated servers are used when a appilication or website requires a unique security certificate or must maintain certain standards that call for dedicated access and control of the server.

What are the advantages of a dedicated server?

The primary advantage is obtaining complete access to all the resources of the hardware while maintaining optimum performance since no other website can take up memory and cause your server to run slowly. You also get complete control of all installed software, including the operating system. In addition, dedicated servers have specific requirements for data security and server protection.

Do i get ROOT access to my server?

Yes, you’ll get the root access to your dedicated server.

How many IPs do i get?

We provide one static IP with our dedicated server. If you require more than 1 IP then you will need to purchase additional IPs.

what happens if i run out of space on my hard drives?

We monitor resource utilization with our monitoring agent , such as available storage and will alert you about your data. If you need additional space we can upgrade it at an additional cost.

Difference between managed & unmanaged dedicated server?

Managed dedicated server is a service that includes the hardware, software, and ongoing upkeep of a dedicated server. Web Design Labs bundles additional services and products with the servers to provide a deeper level of management. Un-managed servers on the other hand are just plain box which have nothing but a operating system of your choice. Now, you need to install everything, environment, libraries, tools etc.

How much bandwidth do i receive with dedicated server?

Our dedicated server comes with unlimited bandwidth

which operating system are available?

We provide CloudLinuxOS,CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian ,Windows server 2022 in OS. You will get the option to choose the OS at the time of sign-up.

Do you also provide control panels?

We provide Cpanel and plesk and DirectAdmin control panel.

When will i have access to my dedicated server?

Once an order is received, our billing department will review the order and once approved, it takes around 24 hours to provision any servers with Linux based dedicated server and around 24 to 48 hours for a Windows Server based dedicated server.

What is a RAID configuration?

It is a way that we can configure for your storage units.We are providing Software-RAID 1(Class Enterprise).

Is the support assistance always available?

Yes, our support team is always available for you. Around the clock 24/7/365. Our experienced support team will be glad to assist you when you need it via live chat & email support