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How to add funds on client portal to pay future invoices


Here is the way you can add funds from your client portal in advance.


1) Log in to your Client Area using https://www.webdesignlabs.co.za/sign-in:



2) Click on the Account Credits link on the right side of your portal home screen:



3) On the next screen, enter the amount you would like to add to your account and click on the Add Funds button:



4) Click on the Continue button to confirm:



5) The next screen will show payment options for the credits you are topping up your account with. Select an appropriate payment method and click on the Proceed button:



Depending upon the payment method selected, your payment will be topped up in your client portal, however, If you have selected the Bank Transfer method, please pay the corresponding amount through your bank and send us proof of your payment at [email protected] for verification. After verification, funds will be added to your portal to reflect.


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