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The difference between E-mail address and an email forwarder

email address hosting vs email forwarding

The difference between E-mail address and an email forwarder

An e-mail address and an e-mail forwarder (also known as ‘alias’) are used for different purposes in terms of e-mail communication in an e-mail system.

What is an E-mail Address?

So here we will see what an e-mail address is. An e-mail address (also known as a ‘mailbox’ or an ‘e-mail ID’) is a unique identifier assigned to an individual or entity for sending and receiving e-mails. It typically comprises a username followed by the "@" (at the rate) symbol and a domain name (e.g., [email protected]).

E-mail addresses are used to send e-mails to a specific mailbox, allowing the user of the e-mail address to send and receive messages or e-mails.

What is an E-mail Forwarder?

An e-mail forwarder, also known as an e-mail alias or e-mail forwarding address, is a way/method or a setup that forwards e-mails from one e-mail address to another.

It does not have a mailbox of its own (nor it is required to create one); instead, it redirects e-mails to an assigned recipient. E-mail forwarders are used for forwarding e-mails from one account to another without having to check more than one inbox. For example, if you have an e-mail forwarder set up for [email protected] to forward to your personal e-mail address ([email protected]), any e-mails sent to [email protected] will be automatically forwarded to your personal inbox of aforementioned address.

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To summarize, an e-mail address is a unique ID connected with a mailbox, while an e-mail alias is a forwarding mechanism that redirects e-mails from one address to another. E-mail aliases are often used for organizational or comfort purposes to merge e-mails from multiple addresses into a single inbox/mailbox.

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